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July on track to set new hot-weather records, say experts

As one heat wave wanes, another African blaze forecast

(ANSA) - Rome, July 17 - As Italians sweltered under a relentless sun, seeking relief with fans, frosty drinks, and fountains, experts forecast new records may be set.
    "July 2015 has everything it takes to be among the hottest ever," says Edoardo Ferrara, meteorologist with 3bmeteo.com. "Considering it's only July, and not in the summer in its entirety, it is the most intense heat wave in 70 years," he said.
    The July weather, featuring numerous straight days of temperatures close to 40 degrees C, is "very unusual" in terms of intensity and duration, said Ferrara.
    Meterologists at Centro Epson Meteo agreed that July is on track to set a new record, and warned that next week the perceived temperature - which factors in humidity and wind - could jump as high as 45 degrees C.
    While a slight fall in temperatures in the North might bring a bit of relief there on the weekend, a new wave of heat from Africa is expected next week from the tip of the peninsula to the top, said Ferrara.
    The mercury may peak at 40 degrees C in the centre-south part of Italy next week, he warned.
    However, in the final week of July a slightly cooler weather front is expected from the north Atlantic region bringing some thunderstorms but more moderate temperatures to Italy's north and centre-south.


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