Italy spending on public admin just over 51% of GDP in 2014

Report shows decrease in total EU budgets for govt services

(ANSA) - Brussels, July 7 - Italy's spending on public administration last year totalled 51.1% of economic output, according to a Eurostat report Tuesday.
    That was slightly more than the average across the total European Union's 28 members, which was 48.1% of EU GDP and totalled 6.7 billion euros last year.
    That also represented a decrease from the 48.6% of EU GDP spent on public administration in 2013.
    Total eurozone spending on public administration reached 4.961 billion euros last year, or 49% of GDP and below the 49.4% ratio in 2013. Among EU member states, strong declines in spending were reported in Greece, where PA budgets as a percentage of GDP fell by 10.7% last year compared with 2013, and in Slovenia, which reported a 9.9% drop.
    Meanwhile, Finland, France and Denmark reported ratios of more than 57% of GDP for public administration.


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