Transsexual decapitated flatmate 'after two days on cocaine'

Ecuadorean cut off woman's head, threw it in courtyard

(ANSA) - Milan, June 15 - An Ecuadorean transsexual who decapitated his flatmate at the weekend told prosecutors on Monday he did so after two alcohol and cocaine-fueled days that culminated in an argument.
    "We spent two days drinking and doing cocaine, then we argued while talking about death and I hit her," said Carlos Julio Torres Velesaca, 20.
    Velesaca said he acted while "in the grip of an obsessive delirium" when he cut off Antonietta Gisonna's head in the Milan apartment they had shared for a few days, then threw it in the courtyard.
    Carabinieri police arriving on the scene found the alleged perpetrator in a state of shock, and the victim's dog who was unharmed.


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