INPS, revenue service 'hunting for tax fraudsters' - update2

Agencies to cross-check their databases

(ANSA) - Rome, May 26 - The Internal Revenue Service and INPS pensions and social security agency are keeping an eye out for undue compensations and tax fraud, tax chief Rossella Orlandi said Tuesday. "Over 1.9 million people used tax credits to make mandatory social security payments into the INPS fund in 2014," said Orlandi.
    "In 2014 we saw a 60% rise in social security claims using tax credits,"added INPS chief Tito Boeri. "This increase is not in line with previous years, leading us to suspect the claims may at least in part constitute an attempt to evade taxes and social security payments".
    The two agencies have sealed a deal to cross-check their databases in order to track down tax evaders and other fiscal offenders as fraudulent compensations are a growing phenomenon, Boeri and Orlandi said.


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