EU will show its true face by June 26 says Renzi - update 2

'Migrant quotas a stopgap, real issue is Africa development'

(ANSA) - Rome, May 26 - Premier Matteo Renzi told the Ballarò TV talk show Tuesday the EU will show its true face at the June 26 summit on the migrant emergency. "(EU leaders) have to contend with public opinion at home so they're a little afraid and concerned when the issue is migrant quotas," Renzi said. "By June 26 we'll see if and how the EU has the face of solidarity...I'm very optimistic". Migrant reception quotas are a stopgap remedy not a solution however, he added. "The real strategy is blocking the flow at the source in Africa, investing in Africa," he said.
    Italy will spearhead this effort in the coming months, the premier said.
    "We will resume investing in international cooperation, especially Africa," he said.
    The European Commission's proposed Agenda on Migration to handle the massive wave of refugees arriving from North Africa features a quota system to relocate migrants in response to appeals for more help from Italy, which is bearing the brunt of the burden of the Mediterranean migrant crisis. It also envisages the tripling of funding for the EU Triton patrol and rescue mission in the southern Mediterranean and the creation of a naval force to disrupt people traffickers.
    The agenda is set to be approved by the Commission on Wednesday, and is expected to dominate the agenda when EU leaders meet on June 26. Some European countries have been vocal in opposing the EU proposals, particularly quotas for migrant resettlement.


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