Italy reforestation notably increasing

'Highest rate in 500 years' say Italy's UN rep

(ANSA) - New York, May 14 - Italy's reforesting has increased, adding up to "its highest rate of forests in the last 500 years", including a record number of trees per person and an notable increase in land recovery, the Italian representative to the United Nations said on Thursday during a debate on forests at the UN Economic and Social Council ECOSOC.
    "In Italy, a record of 200 trees for every citizen has been obtained, forests are growing at a rate of 0.6% yearly, over the last four decades 3.5 million hectares dedicated to nature have been recovered and the threat of flooding has been greatly reduced", the Italian representative said.
    The representative emphasized the multiple benefits of healthy forests for communities worldwide and as a key participation in the hydrological cycle.
    Additionally, the representative addressed the benefits of urban forests, saying that "they avoid drain clogging with the ability to retain water, facilitate waste management, mitigate heat waves, and generally improve the quality of life for city inhabitants".


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