CGIL chief slams government over jobs data

Camusso says govt taking credit where none is due

(ANSA) - Reggio Emilia, May 13 - CGIL union chief Susanna Camusso said Wednesday the Italian government is taking credit for job market improvements where no credit was due.
    "They are passing off results that are intrinsic to the current job market as though there were general employment growth," she said. The labour ministry reported earlier that Italy had gained about 90,000 jobs in March, with a net gain of 30,000 long-term employment positions.
    The ministry credited government tax incentives for new hires, but also cautioned that the numbers reflected a flow of jobs not a trend in Italy's overall employment rate.
    "The 13% unemployment rate the OECD attributes to our country even today can only be tackled through investment and economic policies," Camusso countered.


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