Fast divorce 'uncivil accomplishment'- Italian bishops daily

New law 'devastating slippery slope against the family'

(ANSA) - Rome, April 23 - Italian bishops on Thursday slammed a new law introducing faster divorces, describing it as an "uncivil accomplishment" representing a "devastating slippery slope against the family". "Laws and provisions are required that support the commitment made by families and contribute to increasing awareness within couples," read an editorial published in the daily newspaper of the Italian Bishops' Conference Avvenire.
    "Instead we find ourselves with laws that, by facilitating and encouraging the already dramatic sense of precariousness within relationships, end up by sanctioning the malpractice of sentimental instability and family disengagement," the newspaper added.
    The new law approved overwhelmingly by parliament on Wednesday reduces the separation period needed for a divorce from three years to six months, as long as the split is consensual and no children are involved.
    In the event that one or both parties go to a judge a separation period of a year is required.
    MPs from across the political fence hailed the approval as a "legal landmark" and a "step forward for civil society".


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