Woman 'not a replica of man,' Pope Francis says

Woman's creation 'does not express inferiority,' pontiff says

(ANSA) Vatican City, April 22 - Pope Francis said Wednesday that "woman is not a replica of man" but "comes directly from the creative gesture of God, the rib does not express inferiority or subordination, but on the contrary that the man and woman are of the same substance and complementary, they have this reciprocity".
    Speaking during his weekly general audience to 25,000 pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square, the pontiff resumed his catechism on the theme of the couple, saying that "if we don't find a resurgence of sympathy for this alliance" between man and woman "capable of protecting the new generations from mistrust and indifference, children will be ever more uprooted from the maternal womb".
    Such a prospect "will certainly be a loss for everyone, this uprooting of the alliance," and "we must bring honour again to marriage and the family," Francis said.
    Commenting on the second chapter of Genesis, the pope added that "to find woman, we can also say to find love, man must first dream, and then he finds her".
    "The fact that God moulds woman while man sleeps underlines that woman is absolutely not a creature of man, but of God, and also suggests another thing - to find woman, man first must dream". http://popefrancisnewsapp.com/


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