Migrants' boat destruction ok but not solution, bishops say

Solutions should not be 'fruit of animosity, bishops conference

(ANSA) Rome, April 22 - Destroying boats used by people smugglers in their Libyan lairs can only be "one step" to solving the mushrooming migrant crisis, Italian Bishops' Conference (CEI) secretary-general Monsignor Nunzio Galantino said Wednesday.
    "This is a moment in which all routes must be taken, all solutions must be adopted to avoid other tragedies such as the one in the Strait of Sicily," said the prelate.
    "Immigration is a complex problem and therefore it can't be resolved with a simplification of the sinking of boats that can only be one step".
    "I hope the solutions to be adopted are not the fruit of animosity ... or worse still of people who want to garner some votes from this tragedy".
    Galantino added that "the refusal of the regions and boroughs that don't want to accept more refugees speak for themselves, they mean that on this theme of immigration we continue to treat it as an emergency when it is no longer an emergency".
    "... It is also true that Italy on its own can't solve this," he added.


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