Tarantini spent 22,000 on Berlusconi escort expenses

Money covered flights, hotels for 14 parties

(ANSA) Bari, March 23 - Businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini spent as much as 22,000 euros flying young women to attend former premier Silvio Berlusconi's parties, a court heard Monday.
    The money covered only the expenses of flights and hotels for the women, many of whom were sex workers, to attend the revelry organised for the elderly media magnate and his guests, Roberto Soligo, a finance guard (tax police) officer, told the trial of Tarantini on charges of pimping under way at the Bari Tribunal.
    The figures referred to 14 parties held between August 2008 and May 2009 but don't include fees to the girls paid as 'tokens of presence' or payments for sex.
    Also not included were expenses chalked up by Tarantini himself for accommodation and meals in Rome, Milan and Sardinia.


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