Prosecutors want prison time for absentee anesthesiologist

Skipped 145 days of work in 2013, got paid anyway

(ANSA) - Milan, March 4 - Milan prosecutors on Wednesday requested prison time for a chief anesthesiologist who skipped 145 days of work in 2013.
    The prosecution says Giorgio Barzoi was paid over 30,000 euros for work he never did. The chief anesthesiologist at Milan's Fatebenefratelli hospital would stamp his time card and then leave for the day.
    His collegue and co-defendant Roberta Truveri faces a possible sentence of six months behind bars for allegedly covering up his truancy. The pair face charges of defrauding the hospital.
    Barzoi told the court a doctor's worth cannot be judged based on how many times he stamps his time card.


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