Italy thanks UK for crackdown on draft imitation prosecco

Sales of cheaper fizzy wines on tap blocked

(ANSA) Rome, January 22 - Italy thanked Britain Thursday for a crackdown preventing sales of imitation Prosecco on tap in UK pubs, supermarkets and websites.
    "I thank the British authorities for having blocked in many establishments a fraud like the sale of Prosecco on draft," Agriculture Minister Maurizio Martina said.
    The UK Ministry of Environment had carried out dozens of inspections to prevent the imitation fizzy wines being sold as Prosecco.
    Wine sold as Prosecco, is protected by EU quality assurance labels for DOC (controlled destination of origin). These guidelines state that fizzy wine can only be sold as Prosecco if it meets certain criteria. These criteria cover the grape variety used to make the wine, its geographical origin, and crucially, that it is sold in bottles.


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