Argentina court grants habeas corpus for orangutan in zoo

Court finds Sandra is a "non-human subject"

(ANSA) - Buenos Aires, December 22 - A Buenos Aires court has granted a writ of habeas corpus for Sandra, a female orangutan who has lived behind bars in the Argentine capital's zoo for 29 years.
    The court found the primate is a "non-human subject" and not merely an object, and as such is being held illegally. The Cassation Court upheld the writ of habeas corpus filed on behalf of the animal by the Association of Lawyers for Animal Rights (AFADA).
    The writ argued that Sandra feels affection, mourns losses, perceives time, and is capable of learning, communicating, and transmitting what she has learned.
    Therefore, being imprisoned is a violation of her rights as a "non-human subject", AFAD argued successfully.
    As a result, Sandra may soon be liberated into a nature reserve in Brazil, sources said.


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