Pakistan general requests 3000 executions

Military kills 44 militants, 6 hangings announced

(ANSA) - Islamabad, December 19 -Pakistan's Army Chief General Raheel Sharif asked the government to carry out more than 3,000 executions as armed forced killed 44 militants in three operations and plans were announced to hang six convicted criminals, media reported on Friday.
    On Friday morning, General Raheel Shari took to Twitter to ask his government to carry out thousands of executions against convicted terrorists.
    "More than 3,000 terrorists should be hanged in the next 48 hours", Sharif posted on his twitter account. Sharif followed his tweet with a message directed at terrorist group Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).
    "#PakArmy will come at you #Taliban & will destroy you", Sharif tweeted, adding "We will surly eliminate #TTP from our homeland" Sharif's tweets come after Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif lifted the moratorium on Pakistan's death penalty following Tuesday's school massacre in which Taliban fighters killed 141 children and 7 adults.
    In a triumvirate of military operations executed on Friday, Pakistani military killed 32 militants in an ambush in Tirah Valley, an extremist stronghold in the Khyber region.
    Eight Taliban were killed in the southwestern Baluchistan, and four TTP militants were killed in a round-up in Karachi.
    General Sharif also signed orders of execution for six soldiers convicted of terrorism by military courts.
    Names were not revealed but most probably those involved in the October 2009 Rawalpindi attack, including Islamist militant Mohammed Aqeel, alias Dr. Usman.


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