Ideal Standard 'definitively' ends talks with Idealscala

Multinational says cooperative failed to produce industrial plan

(ANSA) - Trieste, December 2 - Negotiations between Ideal Standard bathroom fittings company to save the Idealscala cooperative have collapsed "definitively," Ideal Standard said Tuesday.
    In a statement, the multinational blamed the cooperative for failing to produce an industrial plan.
    Ideal Standard said a "lack of will" existed at the cooperative, employing 400 people at Orcenico, to proceed with plans it said had been agreed on.
    Ideal said that plan was designed to save the cooperative but now, its priority is to instead focus on its industrial and business plan for 2015-2017.
    Union leaders said the company's statement was "unacceptable".
    They said that an industrial plan will be presented by the cooperative.


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