Agon the new channel "made in Albania" wooing Italian stars

Programmes to begin on December 1. Ferilli, Capranica, enlisted

(ANSA) - Milan, November 25 - Italian journalists and assorted entertainment stars have been flocking to the Albanian capital of Tirana to take part in Italian entrepreneur Francesco Becchetti's new broadcaster, Agon Channel Italia.
    Becchetti, who became a media mogul after successfully patenting a technique to generate energy from trash, said he is proud to have created employment in Albania.
    "Entrepreneurs can either stand by and watch or they can take the plunge and invest," he said. "They might lose a little sleep but they feel fulfilled, as I do after creating jobs for 500 young people in a year".
    Becchetti, who invested 40 million euros in Agon Channel Italia, said he expects to attract a 1% share and 20 million euros in advertising within the first year of programming. Broadcasts begin December 1, to be preceded by a preview on Wednesday with a gala featuring Oscar-winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman.


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