Violence won't solve Tor Sapienza problems -Boldrini-update2

'No one exempt from Constitutional values' says House speaker

(ANSA) - Rome, November 17 - Violence won't solve issues in the conflicted low-income Tor Sapienza neighborhood whose residents violently attacked a refugee center last week, House Speaker Laura Boldrini said Monday. "This is not how problems are solved," she told students at Tor Vergata University in a speech inaugurating the academic year. "No area is exempt from Constitutional principles and the values of openness and cohabitation". Every neighborhood, she said, "must be livable, clean, sociable and inclusive". Her remarks came after city authorities last week were forced to transfer 36 underage refugees out of a reception center in Tor Sapienza, a working class neighborhood whose residents have long complained of poor services, ill-lit streets, and a rising crime rate, including several attacks on women.
    "Tensions erupted, not because migrants or refugees have settled there, but because the neighborhood was already run-down to begin with," Boldrini said.


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