New guidelines set for use of 'Lolitas' in ads

Protect minors in advertising, and as consumers

(ANSA) - Rome, November 11 - Italy's ombudsman for kids and teens said Tuesday the advertising industry has agreed to new guidelines on children in advertising that will stymie what he called a "pervasive Lolita culture" and protect youngsters from harmful messages.
    "No to messages of bodily perfection at any to images that transform kids and teens into adults," said guarantor Vincenzo Spadafora, pointing out that images of overly skinny models can nudge insecure teens over the edge of body-consciousness and into outright anorexia.
    The Italian advertising industry's self-regulatory code bans messages that may "harm minors physically or psychologically" or "take advantage of their lack of experience, loyalty or naivety". The new protocol, said Spadafora, is a much-needed addition to current regulations because it will make advertisers aware of the need to protect children and adolescents both when they are the recipients of ads and when they feature in them. The latest protocol of understanding between the advertising industry's self-regulating body (IAP) and the government follows on a 2011 agreement with the ministry for equal opportunities to prevent offensive or stereotyped representations of women.


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