Salvini visit to Roma camp 'a dangerous provocation' says MP

'Fomenting hatred, blowing on fires of intolerance'

(see related) (ANSA) - Bologna, November 7 - A Democratic Party (PD) MP from Bologna on Friday berated city authorities' decision to give MEP Matteo Salvini from the xenophobic, separatist and anti-immigrant Northern League party permission to visit a Roma camp on Saturday.
    "Salvini's move is a dangerous provocation...that will only foment hatred," said MP Andrea De Maria.
    "There is nothing worse than blowing on the fires of intolerance in times of economic crisis and social suffering," he said.
    Salvini, who once reportedly called for immigrants to travel in separate compartments, is slated to visit the camp Saturday along with city councillor and fellow League member Lucia Borgonzoni, who was slapped in the face by a Roma woman on a visit to the camp earlier this week.


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