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Pickpocket snapped in Dutch tourists' selfie nabbed

Tunisian bag-snatcher immortalised in couple's beach snap

(ANSA) Rimini, November 7- A Tunisian pickpocket who grabbed a Dutch woman tourist's bag was arrested after being identified in a 'selfie' that fortuitously snapped him in flagrante, police sources said Friday.
    The saga began when a young Dutch couple went for a romantic stroll on the Marina beach in the Adriatic resort of Rimini, then stretched out on a sunbed and snapped a self-portrait in each others'arms.
    The selfie immortalised the thief grabbing the young woman's bag from the back of the sunbed before he made off.
    The couple gave the photo of the Tunisian to Carabinieri paramilitary police who tracked him down and arrested the alleged thief within two days.
    Officers recovered the girl's bag and sent it to her in Holland.


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