Organic waste collection growing 10% a year in Italy

Milan sets world record with 100% organic waste collection

(ANSA) - Rome, November 5 - Waste separation for recycling grows by an average of 10% a year in Italy, data from the Italian Composting Consortium showed Wednesday.
    Milan is the biggest city worldwide that has extended organic refuse collection to 100% of its inhabitants, according to the data.
    As well, organic waste collection was most effective in Italy's southern regions, where authorities collected up to 130 kilos of such waste per person per year, against a national average of 86 kilos per capiuta.
    Organic waste - made up of waste from kitchens, gardens and parks - last year made up 42% of of the 12.5 million tonnes of trash collected for recycling. Paper was next at three million tonnes, followed by glass at 1.6 million tonnes collected.


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