All new graduates of Gaeta naval school get jobs

D'Amico, Carboflotta and F.lli d'Amico hire assistant engineers

(ANSA) - Gaeta, November 5 - All eleven pupils, graduates of the I.T.S "G.Caboto Foundation", will be boarding vessels of the shipping companies, d'Amico Shipping Company Group, Carboflotta Group and F.lli d'Amico, as third assistant engineers, the Institute announced on the day the letters of hire were delivered. The Institute thereby confirms its role in the training of personnel for the main Italian shipping enterprises - states a memo - offering a wealth of talent to those searching for new sea professionals. All new graduates were also "hired" six months ago at their graduation ceremony. "We are proud to confirm that our education model gives privileged access to the workforce and boasts a 100% rate of employment at the time of graduation", commented Cesare d'Amico, President of G. Caboto Foundation "Three years after the beginning of their course pupils were able to reach this goal demonstrating great will and commitment.
    We are certain that their education coupled with experience on the ground will allow them to get on board with the right skills to "navigate" in a context as competitive as the present one". Eleven out of twenty pupils of year 2011 successfully passed the training course for Superior mobility technician for people and wares, Management of devices and on board-assembly, having completed over 1,400 classroom hours and 3,000 hours on board. Once awarded with their diploma, they will have to pass the relevant qualifying exam to obtain the title of engineer officer from the harbour master's office. Nine pupils will board the vessels of the d'Amico Shipping Company Group, one will join Carboflotta Group and another F.lli d'Amico.
    In the next few days, 300 candidates coming from all over Italy will attend interviews to try and secure a place in the among the 25 new pupils dreaming of a future as naval officers of the Merchant Navy.


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