'All US troops back from Liberia to be checked for Ebola'

30-strong contingent isolated in Vicenza

(ANSA) - Rome, October 27 - All US troops coming back from Ebola-hit Liberia are to be checked for the virus before arriving on home soil, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has decided according to CNN and CBS.
    The news came after it was reported that some 30 US soldiers returning from Liberia are being placed in isolation in the northeastern Italian city of Vicenza, home to a large US air base.
    The soldiers apparently were met by Carabinieri in full hazmat suits. If the policy remains in effect, everyone returning from Liberia - several hundred - will be placed in isolation for 21 days.
    A Pentagon spokesman calls it "enhanced monitoring". The decision applies only to soldiers returning from Liberia, the country hardest hit by the virus which has claimed nearly 5,000 lives in West Africa.


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