Paris landlord arrested for attacking Italian tenant

Elisabetta, 21, 'thrown to ground for asking for receipt'

(ANSA) - Paris, October 23 - Police late on Wednesday arrested a Paris landlord on battery charges after he allegedly attacked his Italian tenant, sources said Thursday.
    Architecture student Elisabetta, 21, paid the suspect 400 euros a month for a windowless six-square-meter attic room in the Barbes neighborhood near Montmartre.
    Elisabetta taught Italian and worked as a cleaning lady to pay the rent, but said she eventually had enough of the tiny room whose ceiling was so low she couldn't stand up straight once inside.
    "I wanted to leave, so I asked for a rent receipt," the Bologna native told ANSA. "He threw my books out, screamed insults. When I tried to call the police, he threw me to the ground".
    The suspect has a rap sheet for battery and a history of psychiatric problems, police said.


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