UN must act to avert fresh ISIS 'genocide', Vatican -update2

Parolin appeals to international community

(ANSA) - Vatican City, October 20 - The United Nations must act to prevent possible new acts of genocide by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria and Iraq, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin said Monday. "In the case of the violations and abuse committed by the so-called Islamic State, the international community, via the United Nations and the structures set up for such emergencies, will have to act to prevent possible new genocide and assist the numerous refugees," he said.
    "Attention must be paid," Parolin added, "to the sources that sustain (ISIS') terrorist activities through more-or-less clear political support, as well as through illegal commerce in oil and the supply of weapons and technology". Cardinal Parolin then repeated Pope Francis' denunciation of the arms trade, saying: "In a moment of particular gravity, given the growing number of victims caused by the conflicts raging in the Middle East, the international community cannot close its eyes before this question, which has profound ethical relevance".


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