Appeals court says sex was sold at Berlusconi's parties

Reasons for acquitting ex-premier says prostitution did happen

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    (ANSA) - Milan, October 16 - An appeals court judge in Milan said prosecutors had demonstrated that women sold sex at Silvio Berlusconi's "bunga bunga" parties in a document filed Thursday explaining why the ex-premier was cleared of criminal charges related to sex with an underage Moroccan dancer known as Ruby the Heartstealer. "The acts of sexual nature publicly consumed during the evenings and at Arcore can be regarded as having achieved certain proof as licentious performances" such as "strip dances", "lap dances", "simulation of sexual acts", "touching of the breast, buttocks or other intimate parts (covered or naked), group dips in the pool, kisses", the judge wrote. These sexual acts, which included "flirting", for the "way and circumstances in which they were carried out, were clearly directed at stimulating the sexual lust of the owner of house (and his eventual male guests) and to procure favours in the form of donations or other benefits (payment of rents and bills, purchase of automobiles, jewelry; financing slush funds or work opportunities in show business". The "greater earning power of staying the night" in Berlusconi's company was "particularly coveted by the girls", the court found.
    The sexual acts must be seen "juridically within the typology of sexual acts for payment which constitutes prostitution".


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