Pell says Jesus was not soft on divorce and neither is he

Cardinal says he is concerned with problems facing families

(ANSA) - Vatican City, October 9 - Jesus was not soft on divorce and Catholics should follow that lead, Cardinal George Pell said Thursday as the extraordinary synod looking at family issues continued its work.
    "Many might wish that Jesus would be softer on divorce but he was not," said Pell, who is the Vatican's prefect of the secretariat for the economy.
    "And I am with him," added Pell, who is Australian.
    He was commenting on the first few days of meetings of the synod that includes some 200 bishops from around the world discussing issues related to the modern family, including divorce, contraception and homosexuality.
    Earlier in the week, some cardinals expressed support for offering Communion to divorced Catholics in some circumstances.
    Pell said he was concerned with the problems facing families but that did not mean the Church should "soften or dilute out teachings".


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