Italy has worst regional job market disparities in OECD

Campania in worst 1% of OECD labour markets, OECD says

(ANSA) Brussels, October 6 - Italy is the OECD country with the greatest regional disparities in labour market indicators with marked differences between north and south also in income, security and environment, the OECD said Monday.
    According to a study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the southern region of Campania is in the bottom 1% of the worst job markets among OECD countries while the northern German-speaking province of Bolzano is in the top 15%.
    Regions in Italy that have the highest performance for quality of life scores above average on all indicators except the number of rooms per person, access to broadband and percentage of workers with university degrees.
    Worst scoring regions have double the average OECD unemployment rates.
    Campania places bottom in Italy for income while Trento is among the best in the OECD for security and Calabria has the worst score of Italy for security placing just above the bottom 20% of the OECD.
    Sardina has the best score for the environment in Italy while Lombardy has the worst for Italy and also for the OECD.
    Trento is at the top of both Italy and OECD scores for health service quality while Campania is at the bottom of the ratings.
    For education Lazio places best in Italy but is only at the lowest OECD level.


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