Fitto 'shocked' over Rossi's new role in Forza Italia

Chamber of Deputies PM questions senator's credentials

(ANSA) - Rome, September 12 - Leading Forza Italia (FI) MP Raffaele Fitto and one-time confidant of leader Silvio Berlusconi on Friday criticised the increasingly influential role being played by new treasurer Mariarosaria Rossi in the conservative party.
    "It's shocking that Berlusconi allows Senator Rossi to distribute, check, issue or recall licences granting permission to stay in the party", said Fitto, an FI MP since 2006.
    Fitto criticized Rossi's credentials in her new role and said, "Neither Senator Rossi nor anyone else has the credentials or technical, juridical, legal or political legitimacy to hypothesize things like (Fitto's possible demotion)".


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