Zaia to ask high court to halt Renzi's 80-euro tax bonus

Veneto governor says regional governments need the money more

(ANSA) - Venice, August 12 - The Veneto regional government will ask Italy's Constitutional Court to force the national government to use money now funding a tax bonus for low-income earners to instead shift those resources to regional and local authorities, Governor Luca Zaia said Tuesday.
    The money which Premier Matteo Renzi is using to fund his program to give low-income earners a monthly tax bonus of 80 euros should be granted instead to underfunded governments at lower levels, said Zaia, whose council passed a motion authorizing the court application.
    "It is too easy to create the (budgetary) cover by removing money meant for the regions and municipalities," Zaia said of Renzi. Besides, the Renzi bonus excludes "the most needy, the unemployed and pensioners," who are not part of the tax system said Zaia.


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