Esposito's family calls for justice, not vendetta

Napoli fan dies 50 days after being shot before Cup final

(see related stories) (ANSA) - Rome, June 25 - The family of Ciro Esposito, a Napoli fan who died Wednesday, 50 days after being shot before the Italian Cup final in Rome last month, on Wednesday called for justice but not vendetta, and described the victim as a civilian hero. ''No one can give us back Ciro, but in his name we ask justice and not vendetta. We want to thank everyone who in these 50 days have demonstrated their solidarity,'' said the family in a statement. ''At 6:00 this morning, after an ordeal lasting 50 days, our Ciro passed away, a civilian hero. ''That cursed May 3, our Ciro intervened in Via Tor di Quinto in Rome to save passengers on a bus of the families of Napoli soccer fans. Our Ciro heard the screams of fear of children who with together with their families wanted to watch a soccer game. ''He died to save others. We ask the institutions to do their part''. Esposito had been in intensive care after being shot, allegedly by 48-year-old AS Roma soccer Daniele De Santis, on May 3.
    ''Daniele De Santis was not alone. We want his accomplices identified and delivered to justice. We want those to pay who wronged managing of public order, firstly the Roman prefect that did not protect the safety of the Neapolitan fans. ''We ask the premier to ascertain eventual political responsibility for what happened''.
    Italian politicians rallied to the family's appeal, calling for better security in sports.
    ''No violence in the name of Ciro,'' said Nunzia De Girolamo, House whip for the New Centre Right Party (NCD) ''We should pay dignified homage to Ciro - institutions, sports associations, political groups, fans, security forces and civil society. Each one for their own competence must ensure that stadiums return to being places where one goes to enjoy a sports spectacle and not risk one's life,'' De Girolamo added.
    ''One can't die for a soccer game. It is the umpteenth tragedy to hit sports,'' said Valentina Vezzali, a six-time Olympic fencing gold medallist and MP with the centrist Civic Choice (SC) party.
    ''Preventative measures and greater checks are needed, especially at the more dangerous soccer games according to the profile of the fans,'' Vezzali said.
    ''Urgent measures must be taken to be sure that these tragedies never happen again''.