Italy ranks lowest in Europe for university graduates

Also at the bottom for high school dropouts

(ANSA) - Brussels, April 11 - Italy has the lowest average of university students who graduated in the European Union, with just 22.4% of those who began a degree program finishing it in 2013, a Eurostat survey said Friday.
    Italy was also fifth from last for the number of high-school dropouts, 17% against a European Union average of 11.9%.
    The figure on university graduates aged 30 to 34 was a slight improvement over the previous three years but continues to be the worst in the EU where the overall average for graduating from university is 37%.
    Italy ranked behind Romania (22.8%), Croatia (25.9%) and Malta (26%).
    Countries with the highest number of graduates were Ireland (52.6%), Luxembourg (52.5%) and Lithuania (51.3%)


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