Soccer: Italy up 3 to 7th in FIFA rankings

Sports. Italy rose three places to seventh in the latest monthly FIFA standings thanks to World Cup qualifying wins over Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Belgium remains top followed by France and Brazil. England is fourth, Portugal fifth, and Spain sixth.

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IndiceValueTrend +/-
FTSE Italia All-Share Index0.61%+
FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index0.79%+
FTSE Italia STAR Index0.93%+
FTSE MIB Index0.62%+


ValuteValueTrend +/-
Dollaro USA1.1904+
Lira sterlina0.8652-
Franco svizzero1.0998-
Dollaro australiano1.5613+
Dollaro canadese1.4931-
Dollaro di Hong Kong9.2564+


Hope in future of salvation and resurrection

God calls us to be peace operators tweets pope

Pope Francis tweeted Friday "the Lord calls us to collaborate in the construction of history, becoming, together with Him, operators of peace and witnesses of hope in a future of salvation and resurrection". (ANSA).

Chats with homeless and needy as they await shots

Pope visits poor getting COVID jab in Vatican

Pope Francis on Friday visited poor and homeless people getting their COVID-19 jab inside the Vatican.

Pope Francis joins vaccinations of homeless people or people in difficulty in Vatican

Juan Carlos Cruz first to denounce predator priest Karadima

Pope Francis names Chile sex abuse victim to Vatican panel

Pope Francis on Wednesday named a victim of clerical sex abuse in Chile to the Vatican's panel for the protection of minors.

Pope's Easter vigil brought forward to 19Due to COVID curfew

Pope's Easter vigil brought forward to 19:30

Pope Francis's Easter vigil has been brought forward to 19:30 on Saturday April 3 from its usual time of 21:00 because of the 22:000 COVID-19 curfew. the Vatican said Tuesday.

Such blessings cannot "be considered licit" says CDF

Church cannot bless gay unions - Vatican

Such blessings cannot "be considered licit" says CDF

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