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Mediterranea: Project receives Italian President support

On May 9, initiative to get 'Albero d'Argento' award

29 April, 12:07

    Progetto Mediterranea, the launch Progetto Mediterranea, the launch

    (ANSAmed) - Rome, April 29 - The sailing, cultural and scientific expedition Project Mediterranean, as of Monday, can in fact bear the words " with the support of the President of the Republic" and will receive a plaque of cast bronze, which will be sent via official communication of the Secretary General of the President of the Republic.

    The important concession, which emphasizes and officializes the social and cultural value of the sailing initiative, also adds to the many accolades already obtained , including the use of the logo of the General Command of Porto, the patronage of the Italian Naval League, the city and naval league of San Benedetto del Tronto , the Municipality of Lampedusa, the Italian Institute of Culture in Istanbul, and University of Parma's Master university in Culture, Organization and Marketing of the wine and food territory (MASTERCOMET).

    On May 9, in addition, the Project Mediterranea will receive its first prize : "Albero d'Argento (Silver tree) for the quality of the arts" by the Coppini family, who founded and led Coppini Arte Olearia, a leading company in the production and sale of realiable and quality extra virgin olive oil for over 70 years. As part of the initiatives of the third edition of the event, which will be held in San Secondo Parmense at the Museum Agora Orsi Coppini , the Mediterranea Project will be awarded because it is representative of that space for dialogue and sharing the significance of the Greek world's agora and which distinguishes and characterizes the intentions and objectives of the museum's activities.

    The Agora Museum Orsin Coppini, created by the Coppini family, "was born with ambitious goal of assembling growing to knowing, love for nature to love for learning and man", said Ernesto Coppini , owner of the group. "The cultural center of oil and the olive," he explained, "was created to spread the knowledge of a product and a world that is a thousands-years old art in daily life. That's why the award goes to Mediterranea, with whom we feel we have common and converging goals".

    Meanwhile, as part of the expedition's cultural project, the Mediterreanea team has put on its calendar the first "private meeting with the author. On May 16, the eve of its departure, Gianluca Solera will talk about the Mediterranea and his story, leafing through his latest book "Redemption Mediterranean. Voices and places of dignity and strength", published by Nuova Dimensione. The author, trans-Mediterranean activist who recently returned to Italy after living for over twenty years between Europe, Palestine and Egypt, will recount revolutionary events and social movements of protest that concern the extensive Mediterranean area, the young protagonists of the Arab Spring , the Indignados (outraged) against the economic and political crisis, and the hopes of an entire generation that rediscovers a common Mediterranean identity in the struggle for rights and dignity. Talking with Solera, now aboard the boat for its next departure on May 17 from San Benedetto del Tronto) is the writer Simone Perotti and crew, who set sail in the year of the Mediterranean, when Greece and Italy assume EU presidency during 2014. (ANSAmed)

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