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Italian diplomat 'charged with child trafficking' in Manila

Turkmenistan ambassador denies charges

07 April, 12:32
Italian diplomat 'charged with child trafficking' in Manila (ANSA) - Rome, April 7 - Italy's ambassador to Turkmenistan, Daniele Bosio, has been charged with trafficking minors for sex in the Philippines, a local daily said Monday.

A prosecutor must now decide whether to follow up the police action and press formal charges against Bosio, 46, who was arrested Saturday with three boys between the ages of nine and 12, The Inquirer said. Bosio, a career diplomat from the southern Italian city of Taranto, denies the charges.

The circumstances of Bosio's arrest were initially unclear, with differing reports saying he was caught with the three minors but in three different locations: a flat, a resort he was staying at, and an amusement arcade.

The Italian foreign ministry on Sunday vowed "maximum rigour" on the case.

Bosio is being held in a police station south of Manila.