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Pope says some say he is 'communist' due to interest in poor

Under-privileged at heart of Gospel, Francis tells youth

04 April, 13:18
Pope says some say he is 'communist' due to interest in poor (ANSA) - Vatican City, April 4 - Pope Francis says he has been accused of being a communist because of his concern for the poor.

"This is the heart of the Gospel," Francis said in an interview with a group of Flemish-speaking youths in Belgian, who taped the conversation as part of a project and made it public Thursday. "I am a believer in God and Jesus Christ. For me the heart of the Gospel is in the poor," added the pope. "I heard two months ago that someone said, 'With all this talk of the poor, this Pope is a communist!'," said the pope.

"No - this is a banner of the Gospel, poverty without ideology, the poor are at the centre of Jesus's Gospel," Francis added.

The nearly 30-minute videotaped interview with the pope, posted on the Belgian Website, is a communication project created by Flemish-speaking youths in Belgium. Fifteen people worked on the project, five of whom were received by the pope at the Vatican on March 31.