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Pope: 'If I'm afraid of something it is only of myself'

Despite problems, Francis says he is happy and at peace

04 April, 13:56
Pope: 'If I'm afraid of something it is only of myself' (ANSA) - Vatican City, April 4 - Pope Francis says that it is normal to have fears and that he has some of his own.

People should not be too concerned about their fears and can always turn to God for help, he added.

"In the Gospel, Jesus repeated many times: 'Do not be afraid'," said the pope in an interview with Flemish-speaking Belgian youth, who released a video of their meeting on Thursday night.

"He says it many times, because he knows that fear is a normal thing," added Francis.

When asked what he feared, the pope replied: "If I'm afraid of something, it is only of myself". Francis added that it is natural to fear life's challenges, and that it is important to differentiate between "good fear and bad fear".

Good fear can be simply prudence, he said, but bad fear is destructive.

At the same time, the pope said that he felt happy and at peace despite problems that arise in life.

"I am absolutely happy," Francis said.

"I have a certain inner peace...a happiness that comes with age," and remains despite whatever problems crop up, he added.