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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Hospitalized

Nobel Laureate is responding positively to antibiotics

04 April, 16:38
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Hospitalized (ANSA) - Mexico City, April 3 - Nobel Prize laureate Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez has been hospitalized for lung and urinary tract infections. Mexican health authorities and Marquez's son Gonzalo Garcia Bacha said Wednesday that the 87-year-old novelist has responded positively to antibiotics.

"He is doing well. He has a small infection. We preferred to hospitalize him at his age. He may be discharged on Tuesday", said Bacha, who added that Marquez was taking antibiotics "as happens to all of us when we are sick". Hospital authorities added that the author would be released "after completing the antibiotic cycle".

Earlier, Marquez's wife Mercedes reported that the cause of the hospitalization was a "slight cold".

Well wishes were announced across the globe. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto tweeted that he was "informed of [Marquez'] hospitalization. I wish him a speedy recovery". Columbia's President Juan Manuel Santos' message stated "Our country wishes a speedy recovery to the greatest of all time: Gabriel Garcia Marquez".

Marquez, whose novels and non-fiction journalism have influenced decades of authors, last made a public appearance on his 87th birthday, March 6th, when he briefly greeted reporters outside of his home in Mexico. In recent years, Marquez has not participated in public events. Two years ago, Jaime, Marquez' brother, revealed that author of "One Hundred Years of Solitude" had been suffering from senile dementia for some time and would possibly no longer "be able to write", but added that Marquez hadn't lost "the good mood, joy and enthusiasm that he has always had".