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Camusso says early retirement threatens worker split

Renzi policies must apply to public, private sector, says union

04 April, 15:05
Camusso says early retirement threatens worker split (ANSA) - Florence, April 4 - The leader of Italy's largest trade union confederation said Friday that government plans to offer early retirement from the civil service risk creating divisions with private-sector workers and must be fought.

Susanna Camusso, secretary of the CGIL told a national meeting of transportation workers that employees in the public and private sector should be treated alike, otherwise it "exerts a dramatic break in the new world of work".

"We call for a universal solution, which concerns everyone, not just public-sector workers and this will be how to assess the set of policies that are proposed by the government," she said.

Earlier in the week, Civil Service Minister Marianna Madia said the government is developing "a great project" of generational change within the civil service that it hopes will encourage senior employees to take early retirement and open positions for young, jobless people.

Camusso said that a better plan would involve "building alliances" between unionized workers, across sectors and age groups.

Madia, in testimony to the Lower House committee on labour, said the government is aiming for a "non-traumatic" process of reducing employee numbers while encouraging renewal through the "fresh skills" of a younger generation of workers.

Failure to renew the public service could mean "only agony," she added.

At the labour meeting, Camusso also called for stronger protection for pension plans, and said employers should ensure these are offered to young and low-income workers to protect their future income security.