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Fendi Foundation unveils avant-garde 'experiments'

Avant-gard Fendi unveils annual contemporary art performances

03 April, 16:52
Fendi Foundation unveils avant-garde 'experiments' (ANSA) - Rome, April 2 - As Rome begins to wind down the season of Lent, the Alda Fendi Foundation unveils its avant-garde 'Experiments', a series of four multi-sensory performances using imagery, sound and philosophy. On Thursday, the Fendi Foundation inaugurates Oceano Adriatico (Adriatic Ocean), a glimpse into the life journey of artistic director Raffele Curi.

"This adventure is the journey of my life," said Curi, who titled the series in reference to the Le Marche region where he grew up, located on the Adriatic Sea. "From San Benedetto del Tronto to Ravenna was my world," he said, refering to towns in Le Marche. "It is where I dreamed and it's where I go back to".

Born in Ancona, Curi moved to Rome to study theatre and was quickly chosen for a role in Vittorio de Sica's 1970 film The Garden of the Finzi-Continis. His cinema and artistic career includes two decades working with composer Gian Carlo Menotti on Spoleto's Festival dei Due Mondi, and a long-lasting friendship with Alda Fendi that would lead to interior design, art direction and the creation of the Alda Fendi Foundation. The Fendi 'Experiments' are the love child of Curi and Fendi, both of whom enjoy pushing art to the furthest limits.