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St Peter's protester spends night in Vatican cells

Restaurant owner Marcello Di Finizio has climbed dome four times

01 April, 15:20
St Peter's protester spends night in Vatican cells (ANSA) - Vatican City, April 1 - Vatican police on Monday detained a Trieste restaurant owner who spent two nights perched precariously on the dome of St. Peter's in protest, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told ANSA on Tuesday.

He will be investigated by Vatican prosecutors, Lombardi added.

Marcello Di Finizio climbed the 138-meter-high dome that looks down on Vatican City on May 29 to protest against European Union policies that he says could lead to the closure of his sea-front restaurant.

MPs from the anti-euro, anti-establishment 5-Star Movement eventually managed to convince Di Finizio, who has three times before climbed the dome in protest, to come down and talk to them about his reasons for discontent.

He was arrested soon after.

Di Finzio staged similar demonstrations on May 20 last year, and on July 30 and October 2, 2012, to protest the austerity measures of ex-premier Mario Monti's government as well as EU policies.