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Italy has 'wasted too much time on labour reform'

Renzi says govt has 'lots to do'

01 April, 15:45
Italy has 'wasted too much time on labour reform' (ANSA) - Rome, April 1 - Premier Matteo Renzi said Italy has "wasted too much time" over labour-market reforms after unemployment reached a record high of 13% in February. "We still have a lot to do," added Renzi, whose government is presenting measures to simplify labour regulations in Italy, extending benefits and reducing the current myriad of current labour regulations. "We've wasted too much time in recent years, now we have to get running...

"In Italy there are 2,100 regulations that deal with the world of work, so it's normal that in the end disputes go to court. "Our idea is a labour code of 50 or 60 regulations to give rules and certain time frames, written in English too for investors".

He added that his government was open to negotiate over these measures while stressing that the "basic set-up cannot be changed".