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'CIA lied about interrogation methods,' says Senate

Report documents abuse of prisoners, secret sites

01 April, 17:18
'CIA lied about interrogation methods,' says Senate (ANSA) - New York, April 1 - A United States Senate intelligence committee report concluded that the CIA repeatedly misled the government and the public about the severity and effectiveness of its interrogation program for years, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The CIA interrogated prisoners using techniques such as repeatedly dunking suspects in icy water until they almost drown and smashing their heads against a wall, the report said.

The 6,300-page report, which remains classified, includes what officials speaking on condition of anonymity described as a vast network of secret detention facilities, or ''black sites'', in countries including Afghanistan and Romania.

President Barack Obama dismantled them in 2009.

The findings stem from a Senate intelligence committee investigation into CIA activities under former President George W. Bush, which began in 2009.

The report based on the histories of dozens of CIA detainees found that the secret service agency concealed details about its methods, overstated the significance of terrorism plots and prisoners, and took credit for intelligence that detainees surrendered before they were interrogated, US officials who have reviewed the document told the Washington Post.

The Senate intelligence committee is expected to vote Thursday to send a 400-page executive summary of the report to Obama for declassification.

It could be months before that section, which contains about 20 conclusions, is released to the public, the officials said.