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Serial killer nursing aide sentenced to life behind bars

Angelo Stazzi killed five elderly patients with insulin

31 March, 16:30
Serial killer nursing aide sentenced to life behind bars (ANSA) - Rome, March 31 - A Rome court on Monday sentenced a nursing-home aide who murdered five elderly people under his care to life behind bars.

Angelo Stazzi, 69, is already serving a 24-year sentence for the 2001 murder of former lover and colleague Maria Teresa Dell'Unto, 58, whose remains were found buried in his garden.

He was sentenced for that slaying in 2010. That same year, he was placed under investigation by a cold-case homicide unit in the suspicious 2009 deaths of 10 elderly people, both men and women, in two nursing homes where he worked as an aide in charge of administering medication.

All 10 died of insulin overdose.

The investigation was set off when one of the retirees, a woman, attempted to resist Stazzi, and was hospitalized with massive doses of insulin in her bloodstream.

"He used the syringe the way a sniper would use a gun," prosecutors told the court last week.