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Italian student plummets to death off cruise ship

15-year-old was on school trip literature festival

31 March, 16:36
Italian student plummets to death off cruise ship (ANSA) - Catania, March 31 - A 15-year-old high school student from the southern Italian city of Catania died Sunday night when he fell off a cruise ship docked at the Spanish city of Barcelona, school sources said Monday.

The boy, an only child whose mother is a teacher, was on a school trip aboard a Grimaldi Lines vessel.

He was participating in Amare Leggere (Loving to Read), a floating literature festival for kids organized in collaboration with Italy's National Association of School Principals, the Italian Cultural Institute, and Italian House in Barcelona.

School authorities alerted the boy's parents, who left for Spain on Monday.

"The tragedy happened overnight, while the ship was docked", deputy principal Maria Teresa Rizzo explained.

She described the victim as "a totally normal kid".