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Court in Pakistan indicts Musharraf for 'high treason'

'This is this reward' bemoans former general

31 March, 16:07
Court in Pakistan indicts Musharraf for 'high treason' (ANSA) - Islamabad, March 31 - A special court in Pakistan charged former President Pervez Musharraf with "high treason" on Monday for implementing emergency rule and suspending Pakistan's constitution in 2007.

Musharraf, who came to power in a 1999 military coup and led Pakistani as president until 2008, was accused of subverting Pakistan's constitution, arresting judges and imposing emergency rule in 2007. In 2008, he went into self-imposed exile and then returned to Pakistan for an unsuccessful election bid in 2013.

"I served in the army for 44 years and I've led the country for eight years, and this is the reward", said the former general upon hearing the indictment.