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World Bank briefed on Aqaba's progress

ASEZA on track with comprehensive plan but aiming to do more

28 March, 15:00
World Bank briefed on Aqaba's progress (ANSA) - Amman, March 28 - The Chief Commissioner of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Kamel Mahadin, has said the zone is achieving the goals set out in its comprehensive plan, while pointing out that there is a need to do more to boost the area's development and increase competitiveness.

During a meeting Wednesday in Aqaba with a delegation from the World Bank, Mahadin said that transport and logistics are the most important sectors in Aqaba, and their performance has a significant impact on the national economy in Jordan.

Mahadin briefed the delegation on ASEZA's work and its executive programs aimed at developing the investment climate in Aqaba in line with its role and mission to boost the services provided in the zone.

During the past 10 years, the government and its various bodies have spent one billion dollars in ASEZA for renewal and infrastructure improvements, he added.

The ASEZA official stressed the need for cooperation with the World Bank to assess what has been achieved in Aqaba since it became a special zone to see the results of the past development plans and make whatever changes are necessary in line with the latest developments in the zone and the whole region.

World Bank representative Ziad Nakat, who is also a transport and logistics specialist in the Middle East and North Africa, said that the visit was aimed at having a firsthand look at ASEZA and providing all possible support, mainly regarding the transportation and logistics sectors, to allow more international aid and reforms in the zone.

Engineer Ghassan Ghanem, the CEO of the Aqaba Development Corporation - ASEZA's central development body - said he was pleased with the visit. He noted that during the meeting, which involved major stakeholders in Aqaba, the World Bank delegation was briefed on development, priority projects and areas for cooperation. He added that a railway project to connect Aqaba to other parts of region was one of the topics discussed.