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Russia denies amassing troops on Ukraine border

Nation says inspection teams unearthed nothing

28 March, 15:20
Russia denies amassing troops on Ukraine border (ANSA) - Moscow, March 28 - Russia on Friday denied amassing military troops on the border with the Ukraine, saying various international control units have verified this is not the case, in the wake of a United States demand the nation withdraw its soldiers from the frontier zones and come up with a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said there is "nothing of the kind" going on near the Ukraine border, adding that there had been four international inspections carried out in the past month that back his affirmation, including one overseen by the Ukraine. The announcement comes in the wake of a CBS news interview on Friday in which U.S. President Barack Obama called on Russia to move its troops away from the Ukraine border and to start negotiating.