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Inadequate human resources in public sector, says union

'Education mismatch' between employees and positions in govt

28 March, 16:00
Inadequate human resources in public sector, says union (ANSA) - Rome, March 28 - The union representing public-sector employees said Friday that it has found serious weaknesses in how the Italian government manages its workers.

Aran said that public-sector workers are poorly organized and badly utilized by their management, which is not always well-trained.

Weak human resource policies have meant that management is sometimes poorly trained and often becomes stagnant, the union said in a report.

Surveys in 2012 also found a high degree of under-trained administrative and technical staff - only about 51% of jobs that required a university education were actually filled by graduates, said the union.

Yet university graduates were often found working in jobs for which they were overqualified, the union noted.

It described an "educational mismatch" and called for more thorough human resource policies in government.